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Created in 2013, Gomes, Navarro, Babinski & Andrejozuk Advogados (GNBA Advogados) excels at providing a full range of interdisciplinary legal services to its clients according to their companies’ needs, in order that all legal services are centralized in a single firm.

Based on a service model that relies on the real availability of the partners, our firm strives to maintain a close and personal relationship with the clients in order to understand their needs and be able to provide quick and bespoke answers.

In this regard, we have developed prominent activity in the following legal areas: Administrative Law, Civil Law, Real Estate Law, Corporate Law, Labor Law, Tax Law, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Innovation. It is also important to highlight our experience in advising foreign companies attempting to settle in Brazil, mainly in matters concerning the planning and operations of their investments, as well as representing foreign individuals and legal entities in Brazil.

Our firm is comprised by lawyers with solid academic background whose foremost priority is to develop with our clients a relationship based on partnership and trust, always guided by professional ethics.

“Headquartered in São Paulo and Sorocaba, GNBA Advogados’ guideline is to be a dynamic and comprehensive firm committed to providing full support to its clients in an efficient and personalized manner, focused on the excellence of the services.”