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Real Estate Law

GNBA Advogados provides legal services in all matters related to real estate, in addition to providing specialized legal advice to building companies, associations, registry offices, business centers, property developer, condominiums, shopping malls, lessors, landlords, property managers and real estate investors.

Our team of lawyers is pioneer in Brazil in the analysis and use of extrajudicial adverse possession of property, ensuring swiftness and drastic reduction of costs for those who need to use this institute.

Concerning real estate ventures, we offer full legal advice for Real Estate developments, from the launch of the project up to the Condominium (or Association) Constitution Meeting and the effective delivery of the property to the purchasers in real estate developments or land plotting and urban subdivisions. In this area, we operate in residential, commercial and hotel developments and shopping malls; we verify the safest and most suitable legal structure for the development, deeply evaluating the project and the documents related to the acquisition and transfer of ownership of property. We also analyze and draw up condominium declarations, statutes of association and other legal documents that are vital for the success of the venture and for the safety of the owners after the properties are delivered; among other services.

Considering the evolution of the activity of management of condominiums (and residents’ associations), the firm offers a personalized service for condominium managers, presidents of resident’s associations and condominium administrators. In this area, we draft conventions and statutes, written opinions and extrajudicial notifications; legal actions to collect fines for infringement of the convention, internal regulation or statute; legal actions to collect condominium and associative fees; among other services.

In what concerns the leasing of real estate, our team aims to advise landlords and tenants in the best way possible. In this area, we operate in the commencement of actions of eviction, collection of rents, consignment in payment, renovation and rent reviews; we also draw the lease contract itself, as well as extrajudicial notifications.

Finally, we offer our clients full assistance for transactions of purchase and sale of properties or conveyance of interest in property. We provide all the necessary guidance and assistance to formalize the definitive deed in the property law. In this area, we operate along the Real Estate Registry Offices and other public registers in order to settle real estate transactions and obtain, rectify or cancel registrations and annotations; we offer assistance in real estate’s deeds, including withdrawal of certificates; we elaborate the instrument for transfer of ownership or of any rights over real estate, such as usufruct or lending; among other services.