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Corporate Law

GNBA Advogados handles all the corporate law matters of your company, providing assistance even before its constitution until the eventual closure of its activities. Our work is focused on companies located in Brazil and abroad.

We provide legal advice in the planning the commencement of business activities, in the elaboration of the Articles of Incorporation (and/or articles of incorporation in general) and in the incorporation (and registration) of the company with the competent bodies (especially: Commercial Registries, Federal Revenue Service – CNPJ, states and municipalities). Once the company is created, we monitor the development of its activities, including any statutory or contractual changes that may be necessary, rendering of accounts and filing of minutes. We also provide assistance in conflicts that may arise in the company’s management or in its corporate structure, such as the exclusion or withdrawal of partners and actions of liability for abuse of rights. We can also assist your company on possible spin-off, dissolution, liquidation and termination procedures.

We are aware that in many cases the relations between partners require a greater care and/or adjustment in order to avoid future conflicts and, consequently, increase the legal certainty of all those involved in the corporate structure. In this sense, our professionals have extensive experience in advising, negotiating and developing partners’ agreements, which are the most suitable instrument for this purpose.

Especially for foreign companies wishing to invest and/or operate in Brazil, GNBA Advogados has expertise to assist in the internalization of the companies’ financial resources (including a tax analysis), in the settlement and registration of its investments, loans and/or financial remittances (in general) with the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN) and other competent authorities, as well as in all stages of the creation of any foreign branches and subsidiaries in Brazil, or even in the acquisition of Brazilian companies (see more in “M&A”).

Among our services, you will find:

  • Elaboration of Articles of Incorporation (and/or acts of incorporation in general);
  • Assistance in the registration of corporate documents at the Commercial Registry;
  • Assistance in the registration in the National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ);
  • Elaboration (and assistance in negotiations) of the Partners’ Agreement;
  • Elaboration of documents related to corporate governance in general;
  • Elaboration of documents related to compliance and anti-corruption practices;
  • Registration of operations (and investments) with the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN) and other competent authorities, in particular: RDE-IED (Electronic Registration of Foreign Direct Investments) and RDE-ROF (Electronic Registration of Financial Transactions From Foreign Investment);
  • Regularization of foreign capital (investment) with the Brazilian authorities;
  • Assistance in the registration as individual entrepreneur (EI) or Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) with the competent bodies.