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Civil Law

The lawyers at GNBA Advogados are specialized in the prevention and resolution of conflicts, being able to provide advisory and litigation support and to act in judicial, extrajudicial and administrative claims in business and civil disputes.

With an interdisciplinary vision, the firm seeks solutions and analyses that will safeguard all the rights and interests of the company, avoiding that a decision in a given area generates unwanted impacts in another.

GNBA Advogados can assist your company in a vast number of branches of Civil Law, advising, for example, in situations of civil liability, damages and indemnification. The firm also provides assistance in various aspects of Commercial Law, such as business contracts (with clients, suppliers, partners and others) and in the day-to-day trade relations (legal business) of your company. Furthermore, the firm can assist your company in the various aspects and nuances of the Consumer Law in order to protect its present and future demands, and even assist in the review of commercial practices adopted by the company.

Among our services, you will find:

  • Elaboration and analysis of contracts (including assistance in the case of termination);
  • General analysis of documents related to trade negotiations;
  • Assistance, monitoring and/or carrying out trade negotiations;
  • Assistance in dispute resolution (especially those related to contracts);
  • Civil litigation;
  • Charging suppliers, clients and business partners;
  • Review of commercial practices, with a focus on Consumer Law.